Two software engineers exploring the facets of developing SaaS businesses while working their day jobs. Hosted by Darby Frey, co-founder of Lead Honestly, and Ethan Gunderson, founder of Glean.

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29: Fractions of a Year

Darby shares some information on their latest marketing projects, Ethan makes a commitment and starts something new.

28: A Masterclass in Deleting Code

Darby looks for marketing help and Ethan shuffles code around

27: Marketing Made Simple

It's book club time again! This week Ethan and Darby talk about Marketing Made Simple. Special guest appearance by a toddler in search of a bowl of cereal. https://...

26: Ethan Stars Over

Darby gets an unexpected traffic boost and Ethan `git init`'s a new Glean. A note from Ethan: This episode was originally recorded in February, but due to some edit...

25: Brian Casel of ZipMessage

Brian Casel joins the show to talk through his journey in productized services, SaaS apps, and how lessons learned from each lead up to his current project.

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