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22: Two Kinds of Warm Beverages

Ethan drinks tea and Darby puts up a job listing! https://angel.co/company/lead-honestly/jobs/1743870-head-of-marketing

21: Edge Cases on Top of Edge Cases

Darby sees some usage on the new Lead Honestly feature and Ethan has a crisis of confidence.

20: Shaking the Rust Off

After a short break Darby and Ethan are back to discussing traction channels and Lead Honestlys product launch.

19: Gearing Up for a Launch

Darby and Ethan talk through being on call as an indie developer, using slack to store time series metrics, and the upcoming launch of Lead Honestly for Google Workspace.

18: An Egg Salad Sandwich With an Instagram Account

On this exciting episode of Growing Software -- The pros and cons of managed database providers, side project objectives, the story of gathers.us, and Darby figures out his Google API permission scopes.

17: The Best Laid Plans Part 2

Darby and Ethan go over the results of the previous episodes mini experiments.

16: The Best Laid Plans

Darby and Ethan talk through some idea validation and customer interview plans, dogfooding products, and how difficult it must be to build medical device hardware.

15: An Effective Pivot

Darby has some successful onboardings after pivoting and Ethan gets stung by a bee.

14: Changing Directions

Darby changes directions on the new version of Lead Honestly, and then tries to convince Ethan to do the same.

13: Give the people what they want, emails

Darby talks about the experience of on-boarding a new power user, where to find a community for your product, building communities, and a dive into some potential features of Glean.

12: So, you need another checklist?

This week on Growing Software -- Vacation brain, wildfires, traveling, and an impromptu conversation on personal productivity. Also, talking about software.

11: The Mom Test

This week Darby and Ethan talk about different ways to tell when something terrible is going on in your application and conducting user interviews.

10: Make Sure the Thing Works

This week Darby and Ethan talk about JavaScript testing, getting feedback from users, and the legality of fireworks.

9: The Many Hats of Indie SaaS

Does Lead Honestly pass the Google security review? Does Ethan finally ship transactions? All of these questions and more are answered in this weeks episode.

8: We Finally Used the Podcast Name in the Episode

This week Darby and Ethan talk about automated tooling to keep code bases consistent, the pros and cons of an authentication framework, and the trials and tribulations of showing the full URL in Firefox.

7: Almost Ready for Launch

Ethan gives some details on his debugging complaints from last week and Darby gives an update on the lead honestly code retreat and upcoming MVP launch.

6: The One with Podcast Music

Darby laments their progress on launching the new version of Lead Honestly, but has a plan. Ethan shifts his workflow again.

5: Results of the Great Experiment

Ethan gives an update on his day dedicated to working on Glean

4: The Value of Code Retreats and Database Seeds

This week Darby gives us an update on how his week of focus on Lead Honestly went, Ethan contemplates taking a day off, and they talk about the value of live data in database seeds.

3: Marketing as a Roadmap

Darby gives an update on the new version of Lead Honestly and Ethan talks about his work on the Glean marketing page and how it can drive the product roadmap

2: It’s not about working faster, it’s about cutting scope

Darby convinces Ethan that he should work on a marketing page and Darby gives us an update on his ideas for a new version of Lead Honestly.

1: Rewrites and Refactors

Darby talks about his new idea for a Lead Honestly rewrite and Ethan has a unicorn of a refactor.